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Water Sprinkler

Appropriate watering schedules are essential to ensure your gardens and lawns are kept green and lush all year round. This is where a well-planned irrigation system can work wonders.

Adam Fox Gardening is experienced in designing and installing irrigation systems to suit every garden and lawn.

Fully automated, self-timing irrigation systems take the stress out of ensuring your outdoor spaces get the water they need to remain in top condition. Systems with rain and moisture sensors can also help to eliminate the guesswork.

By making an assessment of your space Adam Fox Gardening can determine the best option available. Whether it be micro-irrigation such as drip systems; surface or sprinkler irrigation, or a combination;  we have you covered.

Additionally, our skilled team is able to undertake repairs or adjustments to ensure your irrigation system is running smoothly and your gardens and lawns are getting the water they need.

A well designed, professionally installed, and regularly maintained irrigation system will perform efficiently and keep gardens and lawns looking lush.


Contact us to discuss all of your irrigation needs.  

Image by Siora Photography
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