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A healthy and lush looking lawn can do wonders for the overall look and feel of your home. It provides many benefits both aesthetically and environmentally,  not to mention improved physical and mental well-being as we enjoy the calm that a well maintained green space can provide.

​Adam Fox Gardening loves lawns, and provides a complete turf service which includes the following:​

  • Site Assessment:  To discuss your requirements and give thorough consideration to various site aspects to determine appropriate turf selection.

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  • Site Preparation: To ensure a healthy and even soil base for your new turf to establish properly.

  • Supply and Installation: Our expert team source the best turf for your requirements and install it quickly, neatly and professionally to ensure the best lawn possible.

  • Aftercare and Maintenance: Our team can advise on the immediate aftercare required to ensure your new lawn takes successfully. Alternately, our skilled team can take care of the immediate aftercare for you, as well as provide ongoing long-term maintenance to keep your beautiful lawn healthy and looking its best.



When natural turf is simply not the right fit, synthetic turf options are available. Such instances may include areas of very high foot traffic or extreme shade.


Synthetic turf can also simply be a choice for clients wanting a very low maintenance turf option. 

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